Supplements to EMPIRE

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Giovanni Arrighi – Lineages of Empire

Nate Holdren – A Biopolitical Stage of Capitalism?

Aufheben – Keep on Smiling: Questions on Immaterial Labor

Slavoj Zizek – Have Hardt & Negri rewritten the Communist Manifesto for the 21-Century?

Slavoj Zizek – Blows Against Emipre

Costas Douzinas & Slavoj Zizek (eds)- The Idea of Communism
see especially Michael Hardt’s “The Common in Communism”

Gopal Balakrishnan – Hardt and Negri’s Empire (new left review)

Maria Turchetto – The Empire Strikes Back: On Hardt and Negri (marxist critique)

Crisso and Odoteo – Barbarians: The Disordered Insurgence (anarchist critique)

Paulo Virno – The Grammar of Multitude
see especially Sylvere Lotringer’s Forward, “We, The Multitude”

Jussi Parikka – Digital Monsters, Binary Aliens – Computer Viruses, Capitalism and the Flow of Information

Jodi Dean – The Communist Horizon (draft)

Michael Hardt – The Common in Communism (video)

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