Pre-school readings, onward, upwards

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Pre-school Meeting: Amuse-bouche

Institutional Analysis Participatory Action-Research Militant Research – Marta Malo de Molina

Continental Drift: Activist Research, From Geopolitics to Geopoetics -Brian Holmes

Week 1: 8/26: Research/Education
read asterisked selections (or more if  you like):
Teaching to Transgress: Education and the practice of Freedom – Bell Hooks
Teaching Critical Thinking: Practical Wisdom – Bell Hooks
      Touch, 153-57
Teaching Community: A Pedagogy of Hope – Bell Hooks
How the University Works: Higher Education and the Low Wage Nation – Marc Bousquet
To Teach: The Journey, in Comics – William Ayers
Education and the Significance of Life – J. Krishnamurti
*Dissolving Dualisms — Castree & MacMillan (I realize that this essay may seem a little out of synch since it is mostly about the production of nature and ecology and all that, but I think that it is a solid introduction to Actor-Network Theory and that we can take away a lot of the political implications of this approach to research. — C.A.P.)
Week 2: 9/2: Economics/Capital
The New Spirit of Capitalism – Boltanski & Chiapello – The Test of the Artistic Critique, 419-482
After Liberalism – Immanuel Wallerstein – Selections by K.D. and J.H.
Week 3: 9/9: Capital-Transitions
The New Spirit of Capitalism – Boltanski & Chiapello – The Test of the Artistic Critique, 419-482
(supplemental: – The Geopolitics of Pimping – Suely Rolnik)
Week 4: 9/16: 
– excerpts from Empire, part 1 pp 1-66 – Hardt & Negri
and/or selections from
-Brief History of Neoliberalism – David Harvey – Selections by C.P.
– Condition of Postmodernity – David Harvey – Selections by C.P.
– “Keynes and the Capitalist Theory of the State Post-1929” – Antonio Negri

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